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Step into the dynamic world of the energy industry, where our expertise shines brighter than a supernova!

With a proven track record of electrifying success, we have illuminated the paths of nearly 30 clients, offering a stellar conversion ratio of 60%.

High bays
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No fluff, just tangible results – that's our commitment to boosting your revenue!

Our monthly module ensures that we are always aligned with your objectives, never draining your hard-earned income. Our satisfied clients sing our praises, hailing us as the reigning champions of the industry.

Fueled by dedicated managers and passionate agents, we ensure a steady flow of success for our sales reps, both in terms of quality and quantity.

With a client base as solid as bedrock, we have been thriving in the renewable energy sector for over a decade.

Join forces with us, and together we can light up the skies!

Compliance plays a crucial role in the game.

It acts as the rule book that maintains a level playing field and ensures everyone abides by the same regulations. But fear not, we are here to guide you through compliance effortlessly, ensuring you not only meet but exceed the requirements.

Are you ready to ace audits and conquer the day?

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200+per day

Desktop Audits

1000+per day

Phone Audits

5000+per day

Jobs Verifying

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First things first, we have Data Force at our disposal.


This tool is our secret weapon, allowing us to schedule jobs swiftly and streamline workflows with unparalleled efficiency. It's all about seamless coordination, enabling us to operate at lightning speed.


Once we set the ball rolling, our focus shifts to acing assessments and matching the right job with the right installer. We work hand in hand with our installers every step of the way, ensuring a flawless job from start to finish.


Next, we dive into verification like detectives, meticulously examining every detail to guarantee precision and accuracy. No stone is left unturned, no uncertainty left unresolved – we ensure everything is shipshape and compliant.

Let's now break down those requirements in style

Reflective Ceiling Plan

Our designs are not just visually appealing but also incredibly easy to understand, with legends that are crystal clear. Upgrade products seamlessly with our reflective ceiling plans that eliminate confusion.

Fixing Appointment Questions

We are masters at managing appointment questions, paying attention to every detail to keep your project away from the RFI zone. Our laser-like focus on the minutiae ensures a smooth workflow and minimal stress for you.


Certificates play a crucial role in verifying qualifications, whether it's for CES, plumbing, or any other field. Our team has mastered the paperwork game, ensuring that every certificate is meticulously checked and verified. You can trust us to handle your certifications with precision, allowing you to focus on more important matters.

Geo - tags

Geo tags can be a headache to deal with, but fear not, we are here to rescue you from the digital quagmire. Our expertise in geotags will turn a confusing journey into a seamless experience. Let us take the reins and align every piece of the puzzle for you, so you can relax and leave the hassle to us.

Performing Desktop and Phone Audits

When it comes to performing desktop and phone audits, we are on it like a hawk. With our superhero capes on, we guarantee a success rate of 70% to 80% accuracy in your audits. Let us handle the overwhelming task for you, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. We are ready to tackle any challenge and assist you in every way possible.

With us on your team, audits are not just a task, they are a breeze!

In conclusion, join us on this journey of success in the energy industry, where innovation meets excellence. Let's illuminate the future together!

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